Sunday, January 25, 2015

Zee Telefilms Limited - Quality of time defines raj yoga

Zee Telefilms was incorporated on 25th Nov 1982 as empire holdings limited. It changed its name from Empire holdings to Zee telefilms Ltd in 1992. We give below planetary positions on 25/11/1982 in various signs. As on date zee is highly successful company in media and entertainment sector.

Sun  - Scorpio  ( 10th from moon) kendra
Moon - aquarius
Mercury - Scorpio ( 10 sign from moon)  kendra
Venus Scorpio ( 10th sign from moon) kendra

Mars - Sagittarius ( 11th from moon)
Ketu - Sagittarius ( 11th from moon)

Jupiter - libra ( 9th from moon) trikone
Saturn - libra ( 9th from moon) trikone
Rahu - Gemini ( 5th from moon) trikone

The creation or mother moon is in aquarius sign which represents connected market place. Zee distributes its content on cable TV which is a network of systems with no center.

3rd from chandra is Aries sign of Mars showing courage and aggressive leadership as leading channel. Mars , Lord of Aries , is place in 11th ( gains ) from chandra Lagna confirming income from media industry.

Moons dispositor is Saturn ( chandra Lagna Lord) and exalted in 9th sign of fortune ( bhagyasthan) for acquarius chandra Lagna.

5th Lord Mercury is in 10th confirming power and fame in entertainment related sectors.
Yogyakartka Venus ( Lord of 4th and 9th sign) conjoins Mercury , 5th Lord , giving powerful yoga in 10th house (karmasthana or recognition in society) .

Income Lord Jupiter ( Lord of 11th from chandra) conjoins Saturn in bhagyasthan sign of libra ( 9th from chandra) .

6th from chandra (cancer rasi)  shows employees or workers. The company will always have very creative people who will work for them due to cancer rasi . The financials below speaks the story.

Profit & Loss - Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.Rs (in Crores)

Sales Turnover3075.702565.902204.002169.941278.74
Excise Duty.
NET SALES3075.702565.902204.002169.941278.74
Other Income00000
TOTAL INCOME3260.202684.802301.602233.611384.93
Manufacturing Expenses1310.101070.301014.20879.62555.00
Material Consumed.00.003.504.94-127.98
Personal Expenses223.80190.40157.30156.7581.46
Selling Expenses.00.00284.30235.74163.35
Administrative Expenses510.30442.90109.50101.4968.07
Expenses Capitalised.
Provisions Made.
TOTAL EXPENDITURE2044.201703.601568.801378.54739.89
Operating Profit1031.50862.30635.20791.39538.86

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