Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jet Airways - ruling the skies

Jet Airways was incorporated on April 1, 1992. It has been number one Private operator with best of the customer service experience.

Let's see why they have been successful and what's in store for them. We map the planets in the heaven on April 1 1992.

1. Venus moon Mars in Aquarius  sign .
2.  Sun and Mercury in Pisces sign. ( Mercury is debilitated).
3. Aries sign.
4. Taurus sign.
5. Gemini sign with Ketu .
6. Cancer sign.
7. Leo with Jupiter sign
8. Virgo sign.
9. Venus sign
10. Mars sign Scorpio.
11. Sagittarius with Rahu
12. Saturn in Capricorn.

Yogyakaraka  Venus ( 4 and 9 Lord ) associated with chandra in Lagna itself is Rajyoga. The Airlines is known for its luxurious and up market image and have been king in the domestic airlines or in home turf ( see Venus being 4th Lord).

3rd ( transport) and 10th Lord Mars co joining moon and Venus indicates activities relating to transportation.

Income and Wealth Lord of 2 and 11 jupiter in 7th gave  good earnings and airlines have been able to survive despite its up and downs. Jupiter is aspecting 3rd house confirms business of transport. It's aspect to Lagna confirms wisdom and intelligence applied in doing business,

Moon is 6th Lord will give obstacles relating to debts and other hinderances. Jet is going through a troubled period these days. Lagna Lord Saturn has gone to 12th house weakens its longevity. Mercury 8th Lord of longevity is debilitated is not good for life span of company but aspect of Saturn has kept the company going.

Saturn aspect to 6th confirms company good service attitude to customers because 6th house represents service.

Sun , Lord of 7th , which represents competitors or opposite forces is con joining Mercury in 2nd house weakens the business prospects due to opposition 

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