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Reliance industries limited - astrological analysis of wealth yoga

Company History - Reliance Industries
1973 - 

On 8th May the company was incorporated in Karnataka state as a public limited company under the name Mynylon Ltd. to manufacture synthetic blended yarns and fabrics, polyester filament yarn, polyester glass shells and colour TV picture tubes.

 1975 - 

On 28th June this company was converted into a public limited company. - On 11th February 1966 a company by name of Reliance Textiles Industries Pvt Ltd was incorporated in Maharashtra. It established a synthetic fabrics mill in the same year at Naroda in Gujarat. - On 1st July, Reliance Textile Industries Ltd, was amalgamated with Mynylon Ltd.

 1977 -

 With effect from 11th March 1st the name of Mynylon Ltd was changed to Reliance Textiles Industries Ltd. The company manufactures synthetic blended yarns and fabrics polyester filament yarn polyester staple fibre chemicals and allied products colour TV glass shells and colour TV picture tubes. The Company's yarns are marketed under various brand names such as Texalit, Textron, Texlene, Poly dyed and polytwist. The company's fabrics are marketed under the brand name VIMAL. - 

On November Dhirajlal H Ambani and Natvarlal H Ambani along with some other existing shareholders offered for sale at par to the public. 28,20,000 equity shares of the Company in order to get the shares of the company listed on the stock Exchange at Mumbai.


The name of the company was changed to Reliance industries limited on 27th June. 

We see that it was Mynylon limited which was not dissolved and is the currently called Reliance 
industries limited. We shall take date of incorporation of Mynylon as 8th may 1973.

Following was the planetary position basis chandra Lagna sign.

1. Moon in cancer.
2. Leo sign no planet. Owner sun.
3. Virgo sign no planet. Owner Mercury.
4. Libra sign no planet. Owner Venus.
5. Scorpio sign no planet. Owner Mars.
6. Sagittarius sign with Rahu in it. Owner of house jupiter. 
7. Capricorn sign with jupiter in it. Jupiter is debilitated. Owner of house is Saturn.
8. Aquarius sign with Mars in it. Owner Saturn.
9. Pisces sign . Owner Jupiter. 
10.  Aries sign with sun in exaltation. Mercury is con joining sun. Lord of house Mars.
11. Taurus sign with Venus and Saturn . Lord of this house is Venus again. 
12. Gemini sign with Ketu in it. Lord is Mercury. 

The Lagna Lord moon in own sign with Jupiter in kendra is generating kalpadruma yoga confirming abundant resources at disposal. 

2nd Lord Sun is exalted confirming huge wealth accumulation and social recognition. Company is king 

10th Lord Mars in 8th confirm manufacturing or engineering based company. Mars is in 8th house 
which represents mining. This confirms oil as underground karma activity.

Saturn ( 8th Lord of mining) in Venus ( purify) sign confirms petroleum refining as activity and 
Money spinner . Both 11th Lord of gains , 7th Lord of business and 8th Lord of mining are 
conjoined in Dhana Bhav. ( basis chandra Lagna) . Saturn from 11th ( gains) is aspecting 8th house Of mining confirming strong association with crude ( Saturn) oil (Venus as jala tatva)

Jupiter is fortune house Lord stationed in 7th house of business and aspecting 11th house of gains
Resulting in maha bhagya.

Mars , 10th ( karma Sthan Lord) and 5th Lord is also aspecting 11th house of gains confirming power name fame in petro based Business and manufacturing of the same. Mars also confirms strong execution ability.

Debilitation of Jupiter clearly shows weakness of dharma in 7th house of business. 

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