Sunday, January 25, 2015

Flipkart - Big daddy of the e commerce (astrological analysis)

Flipkart is today india's largest e commerce company. The scorching pace of growth of flipkart has turned all eyes of large industrial houses on the e commerce sector. The company has received huge finances from private equity to fuel its growth.

After 6 years of incorporation, the company is still to make profits.

The company was incorporated on 14.10. 2008 and we prepared a planetary position for that day and plotted 12 houses from moon.

1.  Moon Lagna in Pisces sign.
2. Aries sign with no planet.
3. Taurus sign with no planet.
4. Gemini sign with no planet.
5. Cancer sign with Ketu in it.
6. Leo sign with Saturn in it.
7. Virgo sign with Sun and Mercury . Mercury is exalted. 
8. Libra sign with Venus and Mars in it.
9. Scorpio sign with no planet.
10. Jupiter in Sagittarius mooltrikona sign.
11. Capricorn  sign with Rahu in it.
12. Acquarius sign with no planet.

Moon is the 5th Lord ( trikone) in Pisces Lagna confirming blessings of Vishnu and raj yoga.

7th Lord Mercury is exalted confirming very good business prospects. Company started with business of books (Mercury)  and later ventured into I.T , Phones products (mostly under domain of Mercury) and e commerce related activities. Moon aspecting 7th house confirms blessings of Lord Krishna . Mercury represents multiplicity and company has virtually started selling everything on Internet. Multiple private equity partners confirms Mercury effect of multiplicity in 7th house.

Jupiter , Lagna and 10th Lord is strong and in kendra to moon generating a kind of yoga giving large and ample resources . This is reason for getting huge funding from private equity pouring into the business. Jupiter in its Mooltrikona sign and aspect to 2nd house of wealth is the single biggest reason that its market cap has catapulted to 40,000 crores.

6th Lord sun con joining Mercury in 7th shows Disputes with partners , shareholders and accusations.  This may bring imbalance and can de stabilise the business if not attended properly . This also confirms disputes relating to services . This needs serious attention and ego clash and arrogance ( sun promotes this) will be the reason for dispute.

Saturn is 11( gains) and 12th ( expenditure losses etc) Lord sitting in 6th house ( it's karaka for 6th house) in enemy sign of sun.  This confirms slow gains and high expenditure ( Saturn is Karka for expenses in 12th house).

Company is leaving no stone un turned to service the customer ( Saturn in 6)  and it's huge efforts to bring customer service excellence will not be recognised by customers due to shani presence in enemy sign of surya.

Bhagya Lord Mars is weak and in 12th from its 9th house.
Mars is also 2nd Lord ( wealth accumulation ) and in 8th bhav will result in hiding wealth from taxation and wealth accumulation by use of confidential information.

Rahu  is in Rasi of Shani in 11th house will push to earn income from lawful means but will incite the company to break rules and earn privileges of income and economic gains of market place.

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