Sunday, January 25, 2015

Satyam Computers - a fallen dharma


- On 24th June company was incorporated as a Private Limited Co. for providing Software Development and Consultancy Services to large corporations. The company was promoted by B Rama Raju and B Ramalinga Raju. The company has set up two software Technology Parks, one at Mayfair Centre, Secunderabad and other at Qutuballapur of Ranga Reddy Dist. of A.P. The company also developed a software Development center in Bangalore.

- The company is a 100% EOU under the STP scheme of the Dpt. of Electronics Government of India and exports software to USA, Canada, Sweden and Germany etc.


- On 26th August it was converted into a Public Limited Company..

We list down planets position on that day of 24/6/1987 basis chandra Lagna 

1. Moon and Venus in Taurus. Moon is exalted . Venus is in own sign. Moon in rohini nakshatra.
2.  Mercury Mars and sun in Gemini sign.
3.  Cancer sign. Sign Lord moon.
4.  Leo sign. Sign Lord sun.
5.  Ketu in Virgo sign. Sign Lord Mercury .
6.  Libra sign. Lord Venus.
7.  Saturn in Scorpio sign. ( Lord Mars)
8.  Sagittarius sign. ( Lord Jupiter)
9.  Capricorn sign. ( Lord Saturn)
10.  Aquarius sign. ( Rahu and Saturn)
11. Rahu in Pisces sign.
12. Jupiter in Aries sign

Look at 3rd Lord moon exalted confirming success in information and communication related matters and aspecting 7th house of business.

Mercury , in own sign Gemini ( air sign) and conjoined with business Lord Mars confirms information engineering.

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