Sunday, January 25, 2015

Muhurata defines success or failure : ICICI Bank

Date of incorporation : 5.1.1994
Day : Budh vaar
Moon sign : kanya or Virgo
Sun sign : Sagittarius ( jupiter sign)
Birth nakshatra ; hasta
Tithi : ashtami

Banks and financial institutions are represented by Taurus sign.
Loans taking activity represented by Virgo sign
General public is represented by Saturn
Private sector or business is represented by venus
Aggressive sales by Mars
Technology by Mercury or Gemini sign
Jupiter is karaka for banks and financial institutions
Govt is represented by banks
Public communication represented by Mercury sign Gemini or Mercury himself.

Sun sign - Sagittarius
Moon sign. Virgo
Mars Sagittarius
Mercury - Sagittarius
Jupiter - libra
Venus - Sagittarius
Saturn - acquarius
Rahu - Scorpio
Ketu - Taurus

Moon  in Virgo confirms birth activity in debt / loan related matters.

Taurus sign ruling 9th from chandra ( bhagyasthan) clearly establishing fortune in banking.

Second from chandra ( representing deposits , wealth and banking activity)  is libra with jupiter in it confirms the huge wealth prospects.

Venus , bhagyasthan Lord is in Sagittarius making the company strong in home land . It's 7th aspect to gemini sign gives good fortunate prospects to company management and making it a top rank player in private banks.

Mercury , chandra Lagna Lord and 10th from chandra is also in Sagittarius in 4th from chandra and aspecting 10th house of social recognition and rank in industry confirms use of technology at karmasthana and making it a tech based banking leader.

Mars , 3rd house ( media , salesmanship, mental courage)  shows aggressive mental courage and attitude is also in Sagittarius. This confirms their aggressive style of working and grab huge market share. Note that k v Kamath was known for his aggressiveness and excel using authority. Mars is 8th Lord from chandra and hence brought huge transformation into the bank which was earlier working as a public sector bank.

Sun , Lord of 12th from chandra confirms govt  past lineage. It's aspect to Gemini sign confirms huge spending on technology led activities in day to day working ( daily karmic activities) .

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