Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kingfisher Airlines - a said demise

kingfisher airline was born on 15/6/1995 in Karnataka. The company bought Deccan airlines which was promoted by Captain Gopinath. The company wanted to give 5 star experience to its travellers at affordable price and too a certain extent achieved that. However company later came in huge financial trouble and ultimately got closed will huge number of cases and bankers ultimately taking over its properties to recover outstanding dues of Rs 4000 crs. Lets analyse what was the planetary position in sky on its date of incorporation.

 We shall draw Chandra lagna based kundli.

1. Sagittarius sign with moon in it.
2. Capricorn sign 
3 Aquarius sign 
4. Pisces sign with saturn in it.
5. Aries sign with Mars and ketu.
6. Taurus with Venus , mercury & sun.
7. Gemini sign.
8. Cancer sign.
9. Leo sign
10. Virgo sign
11. Libra with Rahu in it
12. Scorpio with Jupiter in it.

Venus and mercury combination represents aviation. Involvement of 3 and 9 bhav represents transport and travel. 

moon is 8th lord in chart confirming short life. Jala tattva ruling Agni tattva bhav.
moon himself is jala tattva and in Sagittarius sign which is Agni tattva.

It was low cost carrier for masses. Carefully see Saturn representing masses and low cost is 3rd lord ( 3rd house represents transport) in 4th house confirming low cost domestic carrier status.

Venus and mercury (7th business house Lord with airy sign Gemini representing transport and travel )  are conjoined in 6th house of debts. Saturn 3rd Lord aspect to 7th Lord of Business mercury confirms business of transporting people in domestic market.

6th house represents debts and Venus is lord of 6 and strong as it is in own sign . Venus is also lord of  11 bhav showing income and gains. 

 Lagna lord Jupiter is aspecting 6th bhav from 12th confirms large debt or expansion of loans taken to fund the expenditure (12th bhav represents expenses). Jupiter aspect to 3 and 7 confirms expenditure is for aviation business. 

Company properties are represented by 4th and its lord is Jupiter confirming large properties . 

the presence of 7th (business bhav ) lord mercury in 6th confirms dissolution of business. 

7th house lord conjoining 6th lord Venus confirming disputes with Business partners. 

  Moon being 8th lord , chandra lagna lord JUPITER going to 12th bhav confirms death of the company and that's exactly what happened with kingfisher.

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