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The Company Prospectus states as follows....

Our Company was incorporated as Pearly Blue Lake Resorts Private Limited on February 11, 2000 under the Companies Act, 1956, in Pune. The name of our Company was changed to The Lake City Corporation Private Limited on December 12, 2000. Our Company was converted into a public limited company on March 3, 2003 and consequently, the name was changed to The Lake City Corporation Limited. The name of our Company was changed to Lavasa Corporation Limited on June 8, 2004.

We shall plot the Chart as on Feb 11, 2000 , Pune at 10.00 AM

Vara : Shukra Vara lordship Venus
Tithi : Shukla Paksh Shasti
Nakshatra : Asvini , Lordship Ketu

Venus , the Vara Lord is in 9th house of luck is supporting the time of incorporation and its serene beauty was the emblem of this project. 

The Company was the subsidiary of Hindustan construction Limited which gave good social recognition to the project (see 9th lord Jupiter in lagna and 5th lord Surya in 10th house).

The Company took birth in Nakshatra of Ketu who is 8th lord of Death & re birth and occupying 10th house of Social recognition , professional prospects, Karma and leadership. This position of ketu in 10th Bhav of Karma  shows the sudden changes , transformations into the Company prospects in soceity and its standing / image.

Mangal Grah in 12th house , Drishti 6th house and 7th house

Read the news on one of the leading Business news portal ...

विवादों में घिरे लवासा हिल स्टेशन के पहले फेज दवासे का काम पूरी तरह से हुआ नहीं हैं और लवासा कॉरपोरेशन ने दूसरे फेज मुगांव का लॉन्च किया है।

विवादों के बावजूद लवासा के प्रोमोटर एचसीसी के हौसले पस्त नहीं हुए हैं। लवासा प्रोजेक्ट के दूसरे फेज के शहर मुगांव का लॉन्च फेमिना मिस इंडिया पेजेंट के साथ किया। 2400 एकड़ में फैले इस शहर को रिहायशी प्रॉपर्टी, शिक्षा, खेल और ट्रेड सेंटर के हिसाब से विकसित किया जाएगा। यहां स्कूल, कॉलेज और अस्पताल जैसी मूलभूत सुविधाओं के अलावा फुटबॉल, क्रिकेट, हॉकी, गोल्फ के लिए एकेडमी बनाई जाएगी। स्पेस थीम पार्क, फिल्मों का थीम पार्क, आईटी एंड बायोटेक पार्क बनाने की योजनाएं भी है। इन सभी के तहत करीब 1 लाख लोगों को रोजगार मिलेगा।

देश के जानेमाने आर्कीटेक्ट हफीज कॉन्ट्रैक्टर इस प्रोजेक्ट पर काम कर रहे है। 3550-3950 रुपये प्रति वर्गफीट से रिहायशी प्रोजेक्ट्स की बुकिंग शुरू हो चुकी है। विदेशी तर्ज पर बनाएं इस प्लान्ड हिल स्टेशन का भविष्य पर्यावरण और फॉरेस्ट मिनिस्ट्री के विवादों में पहले ही घिरा हुआ है। ऐसे में देखना होगा दुसरे चरण की विकास योजनाएं कितनी कामयाब होती है।

Source : Money

Mars in 12th with its Drishti to 6th house  house confirms obstacles and hidden enemies tried to stall the project and were very successful. 

Moon in first house confirms the beautiful surrounding of the project. Jupiter presence in first house shows the establishment of various teaching institutions which are part of this project.

We find 10th and 11th Lord Saturn Deblitated in chandra lagna confirming low social recognition and income / gains. Mars , Karaka for Properties in is 12th house of loss and expenditure. The 6th lord of debts and obstacles Mercury is in 11th house. 

Surya Yuti Ketu in 10th Bhav

Following news appeared on one of the leading portals about the Lavasa Corporation...

Lavasa,Hindustan Construction Company's (HCC) hill city on the outskirts of Pune will be 

developed across 18,000 acres. Its size is about one-fifth of Mumbai. Construction at 

Lavasa had been banned by the environment ministry resulting in a loss of almost Rs 730 

crore for HCC. After a year long protracted battle with the then Environment Minister 

Jairam Ramesh,  HCC got the green signal in November 2011.

Source :

When Ketu conjoins Sun , it results in detachment with Govt , father. Both Govt and native will not be able to psychologically connect with each other. Company was not able to manage the Govt on issue of environment clearance shows effect of Surya Yuti ketu. 

Rahu in 4th house of Property, land 

 Another news appearing on one of the news portals about the Company.

Former Maharashtra Revenue Secretary Ramesh Kumar today said he had highlighted alleged irregularities about Lavasa Hill city project near Pune in a report in 2010. According to him, Krishna Valley Development Corporation had leased out a sizable portion of government and Gram Panchayat land for Lavasa project on a lease for 30 years at Rs 3.28 lakh per year.

 Besides, the company building the project had also bought land from about 100 tribals allegedly without following due procedure, Kumar said. Asked whether he felt victimised since he was not given posting in the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal after retirement, he said he would not like to comment on it.

 Earlier in the day, Industries Minister Narayan Rane, who had earlier held Revenue portfolio, said he had acted on Kumar's report by recommending disciplinary action against officials who did not follow due procedure regarding tribal land..........

Source :

Rahu , planet of deceit is stationed in 4th house of property and land. Rahu is aspecting Sun (Govt) in 10th house. This confirms the problem of land grab allegations against the Company.

The company is currently under Jupiter -Venus dasa till Dec 2016 and both planets being auspicious, Company has been able to do better and its IPO also got subscribed.

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TIMES NOW Global Broadcasting- Global amibitions

Times Global Broadcasting Company Limited is a Public Company incorporated on 13 June 1986. It is classified as Indian Non-Government Company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 2,849,999,870 and its paid up capital is Rs. 2,849,999,870. 

Planetary positions on day of incorporation

Udaya Lagna Muhurta for the day:

06:04 - 06:11 Vrishabha
06:11 - 08:24 Mithuna
08:24 - 10:37 Karka
10:37 - 12:45 Simha
12:45 - 14:52 Kanya
14:52 - 17:03 Tula
17:03 - 19:18 Vrischika
19:18 - 21:24 Dhanu
21:24 - 23:14 Makara
23:14 - 24:50+ Kumbha
24:50+ - 26:25+ Meena
26:25+ - 28:08+ Mesha
28:08+ - 30:04+ Vrishabha

Moon was in Cancer till 8.44 am in Ashlesa after which it entered Leo sign. Since no govt office opens at 8.44 am , we will take the time of incorporation as post 8.44 and moon has entered Leo sign by then and company was registered.

Tithi is sukla paksha shasti
Moon Nakshatra is magha whose Lord is Ketu. 

Chandra ( emotions) Lagna Sign is Leo ( Agni tatva)  and its Lord is surya ( Agni tatva). Chandra ( jala tatva) in Agni tatva will create Gandata (steam) . This creates anger or emotional outburst ( steam can explode anything due to power) This is exactly what has been the mainstay of its news channel where Arnab Goswami is known for emotional angry anchor and seeks attention. 

"Needs admiration".

As a reflection of the Sun, Chandra in Simha rasi needs to be noticed, to be welcomed, to be praised for brilliant and life-affirming truth. One flourishes in environments where one receives and generates plenty of attention.

Emotional affinity for entertainments and amusements; theatre and politics; glamour, costume, pomp and circumstance. This is a good for a media company. Hence the core of emotions matches the objective of  sector in which company operates..

With Chandra in Simha, one's goal is to direct the attention of the audience to some variety of  Great Ideal. Since leo is Rasi of surya , company strongly wants to be in center of attraction  and wants public to admire and stay in lime light (surya). This is the core culture of the company. 
Company will be politically idealistic member of the peer group; the most creative, beloved Scout leader in the state like a the most popular philosophy professor in the university or like  sharpest young executive director in the company.
Surya is truth , surya is paramount atma , surya is dharma. Look at the theme of the company , in its news channel its focus is to reveal the truth and support dharma. It's strong focus is always on protecting dharma . It's objective is to show which politician is not following dharma. ( definition of dharma is not religion but righteousness) . 

Simha rasi is second to natural rasi of chandrama. Therefore focus of company is to acquire wealth , properties , vehicles , security for himself. 

The company will always look for emotional protection from parent company.  However it will have Significant difficulty in bonding with the parent company and its properties. Emotionally dominating parent company.  Sensitive imagination surging with emotionally overcharged memories of past events. 

Company will Highly acquisitive materially due to 2nd-from-swakshetra. although the acquisitive instincts can be focused on either lineage knowledge hoards or hoards of financial wealth. ( this means they want to acquire channels or buy companies and create wealth. that's the DNA).

Emotionally suspicious on the 2/12 angle and expects to derive security from family-based wealth. However, relationship with the parent family culture fluctuates greatly. More influenced by the father (Surya) ( promoters) from whom the native seeks emotional protection that is often not forthcoming.  Prone to ego-membrane (atma)  disorder due to lack of conscious contact with one's own emotional reality .

Predisposition toward emotionally based (rage) sleep disorders (12) as well as emotional instability caused by a fluctuating (Chandra) internal set of values (2). May face significant ebb-and-flow financially due to uncertainty about the definition of core values or inability to prioritize. This is very important point. The decisions of the company will be more based on emotions rather than rationality which will create disturbances in the company.
Thrives in the highest mountains (Simha) and in places of glittering entertainments, royal glamour, and golden political power.

Social recognition , rank, in society, standing of the company

The company will be in light due to surya , the Lagna Lord sitting in house of social recognition. It will be viewed  as independent , righteousness and center of attraction. The executives managing the company especially ceo will get a kingly treatment. Surya is in rasi of (Shukla) venus which is ( vrishabha) Taurus. Shukla graha ( Venus)  is ruling 10th house and 3rd house. So from muhurata perspective , the karmasthana Bhav  (10) and communication bhav (3) are getting connected and hence the day of incorporation of company or time was suitable for getting into such news and communications business. The center of attraction of company in society will be more from news channel rather than any other channel which they will launch.

Since Shukra (venus) himself is sitting in 12th bhav ( foreign land , expenses , losses, loss of identity) , company will definitely launch its operations in foreign land or foreign affiliated channels and will incur  expenditure /  losses relating to these operations.

Chandra is Lord of 12th bhav and hence it will be very emotional draining business for the company. 

The 12th ( foreign or global) bhav is 3rd ( communications) bhav from 10th ( karma ) bhav and 12th bhav is also 10th from 3rd bhav. Therefore the connection of 3,10,12 is complete and that's why company was named as Times Global ( foreign connection ) Broadcasting to venture into foreign land. The company has a inherent need for associating with foreign land. It will emotionally comfortable when it associates with people of distant land. That's the reason that TIMES NOW is only indian channel who has on its panel foreign journalist and have connections with foreign media houses.

Mercury is natural ruler of communications whereas sun is natural ruler of entertainment , music and bright lights or center of attention. 

Mercury (Budh graha) was ruling wealth houses ( 2 bhav and 10 bhav)  on day when company was incorporated. Therefore company is bound to make money in communications field.  Budh graha is in 11th house in gemini sign. Therefore the source of earnings and wealth will be communications especially vast networked communications , reporting , news, publishing and media. Mercury is aspecting 5th house which is house of fame and power. The company will get fame because of its quick reporting , intelligence n

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Apple Computers - Wealthiest Company in the World

  1. Apple was founded by  on April 1, 1976, to develop and sell personal computers. It was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977, and was renamed as Apple Inc. on January 9, 2007. 
Lets see the planetary positions on Jan 3, 1977,  the day of its incorporation. We have taken the time as 12.00 noon  to plot the planetary positions. Chandra lagna chart is used for analysis.

Apple Computers 
Time 12.00 Date 3/1/77, Cupertino, California

Clearly Lagna is Gemini signifying Computers and devices relating to communication.  Mercury the lagna lord is in 7th confirming strong passion for Business . Its aspect to chandra lagna is making it strong. Moon in Gemini effects ..see every device which they launch is primarily of white colour.

The 3rd Sun is in 7th house confirming Business related to Communication , IT, Information. Jupiter, the 7th and 10th Lord is in 11th house signifying huge income . It is aspecting 3rd , 5th and 7th house clearly indicating the windfall gains in the Business related to Computers.

Exchange between 7th and 11th lord Mars and Jupiter shows the string connection between Income and Business.

10th House ruled by Jupiter shows Management with Wisdom and subject matter expertise.

Saturn , 8th lord is aspecting 8th house increasing the longevity of the Company. Its 3rd aspect to 4th shows highly rule bound and disciplined company.

once again Muhurata or the planetary positions on the day when you start the actvity does matter. 

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Jet Airways - ruling the skies

Jet Airways was incorporated on April 1, 1992. It has been number one Private operator with best of the customer service experience.

Let's see why they have been successful and what's in store for them. We map the planets in the heaven on April 1 1992.

1. Venus moon Mars in Aquarius  sign .
2.  Sun and Mercury in Pisces sign. ( Mercury is debilitated).
3. Aries sign.
4. Taurus sign.
5. Gemini sign with Ketu .
6. Cancer sign.
7. Leo with Jupiter sign
8. Virgo sign.
9. Venus sign
10. Mars sign Scorpio.
11. Sagittarius with Rahu
12. Saturn in Capricorn.

Yogyakaraka  Venus ( 4 and 9 Lord ) associated with chandra in Lagna itself is Rajyoga. The Airlines is known for its luxurious and up market image and have been king in the domestic airlines or in home turf ( see Venus being 4th Lord).

3rd ( transport) and 10th Lord Mars co joining moon and Venus indicates activities relating to transportation.

Income and Wealth Lord of 2 and 11 jupiter in 7th gave  good earnings and airlines have been able to survive despite its up and downs. Jupiter is aspecting 3rd house confirms business of transport. It's aspect to Lagna confirms wisdom and intelligence applied in doing business,

Moon is 6th Lord will give obstacles relating to debts and other hinderances. Jet is going through a troubled period these days. Lagna Lord Saturn has gone to 12th house weakens its longevity. Mercury 8th Lord of longevity is debilitated is not good for life span of company but aspect of Saturn has kept the company going.

Saturn aspect to 6th confirms company good service attitude to customers because 6th house represents service.

Sun , Lord of 7th , which represents competitors or opposite forces is con joining Mercury in 2nd house weakens the business prospects due to opposition 

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Kingfisher Airlines - a said demise

kingfisher airline was born on 15/6/1995 in Karnataka. The company bought Deccan airlines which was promoted by Captain Gopinath. The company wanted to give 5 star experience to its travellers at affordable price and too a certain extent achieved that. However company later came in huge financial trouble and ultimately got closed will huge number of cases and bankers ultimately taking over its properties to recover outstanding dues of Rs 4000 crs. Lets analyse what was the planetary position in sky on its date of incorporation.

 We shall draw Chandra lagna based kundli.

1. Sagittarius sign with moon in it.
2. Capricorn sign 
3 Aquarius sign 
4. Pisces sign with saturn in it.
5. Aries sign with Mars and ketu.
6. Taurus with Venus , mercury & sun.
7. Gemini sign.
8. Cancer sign.
9. Leo sign
10. Virgo sign
11. Libra with Rahu in it
12. Scorpio with Jupiter in it.

Venus and mercury combination represents aviation. Involvement of 3 and 9 bhav represents transport and travel. 

moon is 8th lord in chart confirming short life. Jala tattva ruling Agni tattva bhav.
moon himself is jala tattva and in Sagittarius sign which is Agni tattva.

It was low cost carrier for masses. Carefully see Saturn representing masses and low cost is 3rd lord ( 3rd house represents transport) in 4th house confirming low cost domestic carrier status.

Venus and mercury (7th business house Lord with airy sign Gemini representing transport and travel )  are conjoined in 6th house of debts. Saturn 3rd Lord aspect to 7th Lord of Business mercury confirms business of transporting people in domestic market.

6th house represents debts and Venus is lord of 6 and strong as it is in own sign . Venus is also lord of  11 bhav showing income and gains. 

 Lagna lord Jupiter is aspecting 6th bhav from 12th confirms large debt or expansion of loans taken to fund the expenditure (12th bhav represents expenses). Jupiter aspect to 3 and 7 confirms expenditure is for aviation business. 

Company properties are represented by 4th and its lord is Jupiter confirming large properties . 

the presence of 7th (business bhav ) lord mercury in 6th confirms dissolution of business. 

7th house lord conjoining 6th lord Venus confirming disputes with Business partners. 

  Moon being 8th lord , chandra lagna lord JUPITER going to 12th bhav confirms death of the company and that's exactly what happened with kingfisher.

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Satyam Computers - a fallen dharma


- On 24th June company was incorporated as a Private Limited Co. for providing Software Development and Consultancy Services to large corporations. The company was promoted by B Rama Raju and B Ramalinga Raju. The company has set up two software Technology Parks, one at Mayfair Centre, Secunderabad and other at Qutuballapur of Ranga Reddy Dist. of A.P. The company also developed a software Development center in Bangalore.

- The company is a 100% EOU under the STP scheme of the Dpt. of Electronics Government of India and exports software to USA, Canada, Sweden and Germany etc.


- On 26th August it was converted into a Public Limited Company..

We list down planets position on that day of 24/6/1987 basis chandra Lagna 

1. Moon and Venus in Taurus. Moon is exalted . Venus is in own sign. Moon in rohini nakshatra.
2.  Mercury Mars and sun in Gemini sign.
3.  Cancer sign. Sign Lord moon.
4.  Leo sign. Sign Lord sun.
5.  Ketu in Virgo sign. Sign Lord Mercury .
6.  Libra sign. Lord Venus.
7.  Saturn in Scorpio sign. ( Lord Mars)
8.  Sagittarius sign. ( Lord Jupiter)
9.  Capricorn sign. ( Lord Saturn)
10.  Aquarius sign. ( Rahu and Saturn)
11. Rahu in Pisces sign.
12. Jupiter in Aries sign

Look at 3rd Lord moon exalted confirming success in information and communication related matters and aspecting 7th house of business.

Mercury , in own sign Gemini ( air sign) and conjoined with business Lord Mars confirms information engineering.

Maruti Udyog - an example of happy Foreign marriage

As all of us are aware that Maruti udyog is leader mass market car manufacturer and top indian car maker. It has collaborated with Japanese company Suzuki for almost 30 years and the JV had never any disputes. It's a car which is loved by any indian. Despite being a govt controlled company for many years , it never faced any problem of non performance or faulty product. Let's see why it happened.

Maruti was incorporated on 24th Feb 1981 with chandra in libra sign representing alliances , partnerships and agreements. Chandra Lord is Venus , a natural Karka of vehicles , is occupying 5th from chandra In sign of Saturn ( Saturn is 4th house Lord) in trine confirming famous ( 5th house stands for fame) car among masses ( Saturn) . Mars ( 7th Lord of business ) con joining Venus confirms business related to cars .

Note here carefully that Venus is L1 and L8. We mean Lord of first and 8th house . The eighth house brings huge and sudden transformations. The launch of Maruti changed the entire passenger car industry during those times.

Sun , income Lord of 11th house , has also conjoined Venus in 5th house giving huge income to the company. The company has largest network of dealers ( 11th house stand for networked marketplace) .

Aspect of Lagna Lord Mars and 7th Lord Venus coupled with own Lord sun aspecting 11th has taken the earnings of company to great heights.

Car manufacturing is a engineering marvel. Therefore Mars should play a significant role. We see that on 24th feb 1981 , moon and Venus were in nakshatra of Mars. We see a strong exchange of bhav lords of Mars and Venus. See carefully . First and eight are natural houses of Mars but Venus owns it in this chart. Similarly  2 and 7 are natural houses of Venus and Mars owns it. Both lords con joining together have produced a car with spectacular design , engineering and efficiency.

Planets position on 24.2.1981

      A very interesting part is that all house lords which are kendra to Venus ( 5,8,11,2) have conjoined with Venus propelling support.