Sunday, January 25, 2015

Maruti Udyog - an example of happy Foreign marriage

As all of us are aware that Maruti udyog is leader mass market car manufacturer and top indian car maker. It has collaborated with Japanese company Suzuki for almost 30 years and the JV had never any disputes. It's a car which is loved by any indian. Despite being a govt controlled company for many years , it never faced any problem of non performance or faulty product. Let's see why it happened.

Maruti was incorporated on 24th Feb 1981 with chandra in libra sign representing alliances , partnerships and agreements. Chandra Lord is Venus , a natural Karka of vehicles , is occupying 5th from chandra In sign of Saturn ( Saturn is 4th house Lord) in trine confirming famous ( 5th house stands for fame) car among masses ( Saturn) . Mars ( 7th Lord of business ) con joining Venus confirms business related to cars .

Note here carefully that Venus is L1 and L8. We mean Lord of first and 8th house . The eighth house brings huge and sudden transformations. The launch of Maruti changed the entire passenger car industry during those times.

Sun , income Lord of 11th house , has also conjoined Venus in 5th house giving huge income to the company. The company has largest network of dealers ( 11th house stand for networked marketplace) .

Aspect of Lagna Lord Mars and 7th Lord Venus coupled with own Lord sun aspecting 11th has taken the earnings of company to great heights.

Car manufacturing is a engineering marvel. Therefore Mars should play a significant role. We see that on 24th feb 1981 , moon and Venus were in nakshatra of Mars. We see a strong exchange of bhav lords of Mars and Venus. See carefully . First and eight are natural houses of Mars but Venus owns it in this chart. Similarly  2 and 7 are natural houses of Venus and Mars owns it. Both lords con joining together have produced a car with spectacular design , engineering and efficiency.

Planets position on 24.2.1981

      A very interesting part is that all house lords which are kendra to Venus ( 5,8,11,2) have conjoined with Venus propelling support.

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