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The Company Prospectus states as follows....

Our Company was incorporated as Pearly Blue Lake Resorts Private Limited on February 11, 2000 under the Companies Act, 1956, in Pune. The name of our Company was changed to The Lake City Corporation Private Limited on December 12, 2000. Our Company was converted into a public limited company on March 3, 2003 and consequently, the name was changed to The Lake City Corporation Limited. The name of our Company was changed to Lavasa Corporation Limited on June 8, 2004.

We shall plot the Chart as on Feb 11, 2000 , Pune at 10.00 AM

Vara : Shukra Vara lordship Venus
Tithi : Shukla Paksh Shasti
Nakshatra : Asvini , Lordship Ketu

Venus , the Vara Lord is in 9th house of luck is supporting the time of incorporation and its serene beauty was the emblem of this project. 

The Company was the subsidiary of Hindustan construction Limited which gave good social recognition to the project (see 9th lord Jupiter in lagna and 5th lord Surya in 10th house).

The Company took birth in Nakshatra of Ketu who is 8th lord of Death & re birth and occupying 10th house of Social recognition , professional prospects, Karma and leadership. This position of ketu in 10th Bhav of Karma  shows the sudden changes , transformations into the Company prospects in soceity and its standing / image.

Mangal Grah in 12th house , Drishti 6th house and 7th house

Read the news on one of the leading Business news portal ...

विवादों में घिरे लवासा हिल स्टेशन के पहले फेज दवासे का काम पूरी तरह से हुआ नहीं हैं और लवासा कॉरपोरेशन ने दूसरे फेज मुगांव का लॉन्च किया है।

विवादों के बावजूद लवासा के प्रोमोटर एचसीसी के हौसले पस्त नहीं हुए हैं। लवासा प्रोजेक्ट के दूसरे फेज के शहर मुगांव का लॉन्च फेमिना मिस इंडिया पेजेंट के साथ किया। 2400 एकड़ में फैले इस शहर को रिहायशी प्रॉपर्टी, शिक्षा, खेल और ट्रेड सेंटर के हिसाब से विकसित किया जाएगा। यहां स्कूल, कॉलेज और अस्पताल जैसी मूलभूत सुविधाओं के अलावा फुटबॉल, क्रिकेट, हॉकी, गोल्फ के लिए एकेडमी बनाई जाएगी। स्पेस थीम पार्क, फिल्मों का थीम पार्क, आईटी एंड बायोटेक पार्क बनाने की योजनाएं भी है। इन सभी के तहत करीब 1 लाख लोगों को रोजगार मिलेगा।

देश के जानेमाने आर्कीटेक्ट हफीज कॉन्ट्रैक्टर इस प्रोजेक्ट पर काम कर रहे है। 3550-3950 रुपये प्रति वर्गफीट से रिहायशी प्रोजेक्ट्स की बुकिंग शुरू हो चुकी है। विदेशी तर्ज पर बनाएं इस प्लान्ड हिल स्टेशन का भविष्य पर्यावरण और फॉरेस्ट मिनिस्ट्री के विवादों में पहले ही घिरा हुआ है। ऐसे में देखना होगा दुसरे चरण की विकास योजनाएं कितनी कामयाब होती है।

Source : Money

Mars in 12th with its Drishti to 6th house  house confirms obstacles and hidden enemies tried to stall the project and were very successful. 

Moon in first house confirms the beautiful surrounding of the project. Jupiter presence in first house shows the establishment of various teaching institutions which are part of this project.

We find 10th and 11th Lord Saturn Deblitated in chandra lagna confirming low social recognition and income / gains. Mars , Karaka for Properties in is 12th house of loss and expenditure. The 6th lord of debts and obstacles Mercury is in 11th house. 

Surya Yuti Ketu in 10th Bhav

Following news appeared on one of the leading portals about the Lavasa Corporation...

Lavasa,Hindustan Construction Company's (HCC) hill city on the outskirts of Pune will be 

developed across 18,000 acres. Its size is about one-fifth of Mumbai. Construction at 

Lavasa had been banned by the environment ministry resulting in a loss of almost Rs 730 

crore for HCC. After a year long protracted battle with the then Environment Minister 

Jairam Ramesh,  HCC got the green signal in November 2011.

Source :

When Ketu conjoins Sun , it results in detachment with Govt , father. Both Govt and native will not be able to psychologically connect with each other. Company was not able to manage the Govt on issue of environment clearance shows effect of Surya Yuti ketu. 

Rahu in 4th house of Property, land 

 Another news appearing on one of the news portals about the Company.

Former Maharashtra Revenue Secretary Ramesh Kumar today said he had highlighted alleged irregularities about Lavasa Hill city project near Pune in a report in 2010. According to him, Krishna Valley Development Corporation had leased out a sizable portion of government and Gram Panchayat land for Lavasa project on a lease for 30 years at Rs 3.28 lakh per year.

 Besides, the company building the project had also bought land from about 100 tribals allegedly without following due procedure, Kumar said. Asked whether he felt victimised since he was not given posting in the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal after retirement, he said he would not like to comment on it.

 Earlier in the day, Industries Minister Narayan Rane, who had earlier held Revenue portfolio, said he had acted on Kumar's report by recommending disciplinary action against officials who did not follow due procedure regarding tribal land..........

Source :

Rahu , planet of deceit is stationed in 4th house of property and land. Rahu is aspecting Sun (Govt) in 10th house. This confirms the problem of land grab allegations against the Company.

The company is currently under Jupiter -Venus dasa till Dec 2016 and both planets being auspicious, Company has been able to do better and its IPO also got subscribed.

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